Friday, July 4, 2014

Laptops Look Out!!

Today, for the sake of variety, I am writing my post on a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.  The fact I can use this to post to my blog indicates the market has changed dramatically.  The days of the personal computer are truely numbered. 

Compared to my usual rig, equipment is simple.  Rather than get the right key board case, I got one off EBay for $20.    My $20 keyboard doesn't fit quite right, but for the price I will cope.  I brought the Tab and the keyboard across the country twice, and it worked out well on the road too.  I can type quite well on this.  This makes me think the age of big computers is drawing to a close, although I couldn't perform my professional writing this way.  If I get sick of typing, I can always talk to my Tab.  This method works better than typing sometimes, but after 35 years of typing as I compose, I'm thinking I might be stuck in the typing habit.  I have a hunch this type of keyboard would work well on my phone too.  (My phone has more power than the Tab, being a Galaxy Note 3). 

I like my big computer.  I have an old gaming rig from 2007 +/- to which I hung two video cards and three monitors.  This rig is a Godsend to research and writing.  Each screen has its purpose: Source Documents, Notes and Cuts (I save all my edits because I cut too much sometimes), and newly written work.  This worked well through PhD coursework, and innumerable reports on business analysis and feasibility studies for large athletic complexes.  I use an old gaming keyboard (courtesy of Goodwill bins for $15) which I really like.  I don't like my Tab keyboard as well because it is a little small (I am a short Giant, so big keys are a must).  Sometimes I hit two keys at once, but I'm finding practice makes perfect. 

Other bloggers report using apps can help the bloggin on the tablet process.  On Tech Gyo, the author thinks that using an app to acces his desk top computer would help.  Good idea, but I found that technique lacking because of the problem of interfacing a touch screen with a regular competer.

This method works well, but I think it is time consuming compared to the regular method of writing.  In all fairness, I would get faster as I got more used to this method.  At any rate, happy blogging to all, and this use of content production puts another nail in the coffin of big desktop PCs.

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