Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Phones and mobile devices like tablets are part of the Micro Maturity  phenomena.  I think my phone exceeds the capabilities of my desk top computer for the majority of my working life.  My phone has a dual core processor, Android, and a crystal clear picture.  My former PCs had none of that.  Even with all the capabilities (including wi-fi) buying another phone of the same type is cheap at under $100.  If my phone breaks, I have a slightly older phone ($17 on EBay) that can pinch hit until I'm up and running again with a primary phone. 

In the advertising sphere of my life, I see the mobile portion of our web site getting nailed with loads of hits while the desk top side is not so busy.  I'm glad because the mobile side is easier to update.  When we buy promotions, the coverage usually concentrates on the mobile side.  The big screens where the ad takes over the use experience until banished or 12 seconds do not seem to do as well. 

I hear in the third world, phones get used as all in one devices.  This is fueling a new computer revolution without the huge infrastructure needed to run a large desk top.  Places with intermittent power do well because I can recharge my mobile with a block of batteries.  Phones help bridge the gap between third world and first world Internet usage. 

Don't underestimate phones, they work well too, and are a symptom of Micro Maturity.

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