Friday, November 28, 2014

Desktop Interface Confusion Pt. 2

I loaded up Manjaro with the Spatry Cup 'o Linux features preloaded.  I used the xfce desktop, and the operating system worked flawlessly. 

Here's a few observations on the system:
  • The black on black theme looks divine.  However, I had problems seeing which options I had selected in some of the screens.  This was especially difficult when I set up a VPN.
  • The directions to set up almost anything in Manjaro are great.  
  • You will do more work setting this system up for your needs than if you use Mint, BUT you will be paid back by the rolling updates.
  • Dropbox is being difficult: while it works fine, setting up the program so Dropbox starts automatically is problematic at this point.  (Once I figure it out, though, this issue will fade quickly)
  • Calibre loaded and installed easily
  • The menus in xfce are easy to use and make sense.
  • Everything on my vintage Toshiba Satellite M type with Harman Kardon sound set up effortlessly.
  • Google Talk for Google Hang Outs went in easily, although I did encounter a few potential error codes from the package manager.  
  • The package manager has all the programs other distros have.
The features loaded on the Operating System were just what I wanted.  The combination of Manjaro with Spatry's contribution is one of the best Linux systems I've encountered. 

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