Friday, July 4, 2014

Linux Journal and Terrorism

I'm shocked.  I've subscribed to Linux Journal for almost 20 years.  I work in a business geared for kids.  I fix a machine with a large battery, and make web sites orientated for commercial success.  I've tinkered with Linux since 1994 (could it really be 20 years?), but apparently this makes me suspect.  Check out this article on Slash Dot.  And don't miss this one from Linux Journal. The NSA watches Linux Journal readers because it is an extremest forum.  Gosh, the last article I read was how to count the number of days between dates.  Seems innocent to me.  I'm going to take this as flattery.  I'm not special, but this type of attention makes me wonder.

I think I'll sign up for a few more years' subscription.

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