Friday, July 4, 2014

Broadening Horizons

I have too many interests to just write a Blog about technology. Once you boil down compters to their constituent parts, all that is left is how we use them as tools. Computers, mainly, are just office tools, methods to consume media, or gaming platforms. There's plenty more going on in the world than just what piece of silicon is used to create and consume media.

My interests lie in Innovation, macroeconomic effects on microeconomics, business, and how people interface with the world. Our world is changing as I write this. The latest trends include an economy that should be out of recovery into expansion, political unrest, and war. All this makes for interesting Blog posts and opinions.

The wide expanse of material means that this blog will shift more into MicroMaturity being a cultural problem, rather than simply the maturation of a sub-type of technology. Follow the key words, and read what interests you.

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