Sunday, November 23, 2014

Desktop Interface Confusion

I tried Manjaro with Openbox and I was confused.  Now, I am more confused because they aren't using Openbox anymore, it is Manjarobox.  No menus, and that tripped me up.  No Synapse or icons either.  I may have had the wrong resolution on the desktop video, but I don't think so.  Now I hear Linux Mint 17.1 is coming out, and they are addressing GUI issues within Mate.  Mint seems second nature and I like the menus in both Mate and Cinnamon.  Am I stuck in a rut, or do the rest of you experience similar problems with desktop UIs that are too avaunt guarde?  I never did well in the upgrade from Gnome 2 to 3 either.  I've used Gnome for a long long time....    Gnome 3 did work much better than Windows 8. 

Spatry with Sparty's Cup of Linux made a custom Manjaro  Linux .iso, so I think I will try out his.  He has a lot of good ideas, and I like his YouTube channel.  I also downloaded the xfce Manjaro release in case all else fails.  Manjaro, based on Arch has strengths because of the rolling upgrades.  Spatry is smart, because he is using xfce as his windows manager in the custom release.  Xfce is a great light weight window manager.  I usually avoid xfce because of limited support of multi-monitor environments.

And what is this with Groupon using the Gnome name for their Point of Sale?  They sent us one at work.  Nicely done, but we have no use for it because of the way our current registers work.  Still, though, they are abusing a FOSS name.  Seems the FOSS world has taken notice, by this article on the Gnome web site: Hopefully they will phase out their usage of the name and get something else. 

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